Strolling Down the River

Strolling Down the River, oil on canvas, 50x75 cm, 2015

Surely, this is the motive that Davor has painted numerous times. From this or that corner, from this or that season, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, in the dark night. Then, sometimes with strong colors, sometimes monochromatic, in a hyper-realist manner, or in French impressionism.

I guess that only this promenade next to the Petrinjčica river has Davor’s such particular attention. He paints seascapes, but rarely he paints one particular bay, boat or rock twice, triple even less. He paints rivers, but motives are various.

So, why is the promenade so special? One of the reasons is that it is the most beautiful place in Petrinja, our home town. There are some other places that could hold this title – maybe the city park or vineyards on the hills with a nice view on the town, but beauty is subjective and we would vote for the promenade.

But then, there is a second reason too. Beauty is rarely enough. It’s just where he is every day, where he observes seasonal changes, walks with his dog Gaj, contemplates… and finds inspiration from the bridge to the bridge. Sometimes the magic is in the water, sometimes in the light that tries to go through thick branches full of leaves.

„Strolling down the river“ has its magic in the blue light, in the charming mist. It was a warm, pleasant late afternoon when the beauty was stronger and more appealing than closing in inner thoughts.


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